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How to choose seals for cylinders

Source:Jiangyin Eternal Heavy Industry Co.,Ltd. Release time:2021-08-30 15:00:52 Author:1410

Hydraulic cylinders have different working conditions, and seals must also be selected according to the technical requirements of the cylinders.

1. If the pressure of the oil cylinder is above 25MPa, the speed is 0-0.5m/s, and the oil temperature is 80℃

Requirements for seals:

(1) The hardness of the seals should be 92 degrees to 97 degrees. The higher the cylinder pressure, the greater the hardness of the seals.

(2) The linear velocity of the seal lip must meet 0.5 m/s.

(3) The temperature resistance of the seal must meet the temperature of -30℃—110℃.

(4) To choose special seals, such as shaft seals, only special shaft seals can be used.

(5) A gasket should be added to the root of the seal. The addition of the gasket is equivalent to reducing the deformation of the seal, so that when the seal is under high pressure, the root of the seal reduces the possibility of friction with the piston rod or the inner wall of the cylinder, thereby reducing the probability of the root of the seal being squeezed out and damaged. The relationship between gasket hardness and pressure is that the greater the pressure, the greater the hardness.

2. If the pressure of the cylinder is below 25MPa, the speed is 0.5m/s, and the oil temperature is 80℃, the seals are required to meet the following requirements:

(1) The hardness of the seals should be 85 degrees to 92 degrees, because the lower the hardness, the better the elasticity of the seal.

(2) The speed and temperature requirements are the same as the pressure requirements above 25MPa.