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The rapid development of hydraulic baler

Source:Zhangjiagang Heli Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd Release time:2021-05-11 10:09:51 Author:1718

The hydraulic baler models are all driven by hydraulic pressure. Manual or PLC automatic control can be selected for actual operation. The installation does not require foot screws. In areas without power supply, diesel engines can be used as driving force.

The rapid development of science shows that machinery and equipment must be continuously updated and upgraded, and China's strapping and packaging machinery industry must step out of the country and enter the international stage. According to methods such as emulation, technology introduction and international procurement, the manufacturing level of China's strapping and packaging machinery has developed rapidly in a short time. Today, China's automatic packaging machinery manufacturing enterprises can easily purchase some core parts and accessories according to internationalization, so they quickly improve the technical level and reliability of machinery and equipment.